The 45th Annual Conference of the Association of College and University Biology Educators (ACBUE) drew to a close on Saturday afternoon, October 13.

UNK Biology Professor Charles Bicak remarked, “Participants were routinely impressed with the quality of the meeting here. It was something of a coup for us to be able to host this and it was considered a great success.”

Over 35 colleges and universities were represented at the conference. Presenters and participants came together to address the 2001 conference theme: “Biology in the Light of Evolution”. The sessions included computer-oriented workshops, paper presentations, and field trips. The field trips focused on key ecological locales such as the Audubon Society’s Lillian Annette Rowe Sanctuary along the Platte River and the Pearl Harbor Survivor’s Prairie managed by the Prairie Plains Resources Institute and a classic loess hills prairie north of Kearney. Sessions dealt with elements of teaching evolution in the college/university setting and technical aspects of advances in understanding the mechanisms of evolution.

The distribution of participants was from Massachusetts in the east to Arizona in the west and Georgia in the south to Michigan in the north. Recent meetings have been in Milwaukee and Kansas City. Next year’s meeting will be in Chicago.