Erasing minor traffic citations is as easy as reading, writing and arithmetic for participants in a special program being offered in conjunction with the Nebraska Safety Center at the University of Nebraska at Kearney.

Instead of a fine, court appearance, or points on the driving record, traffic violators in participating Nebraska counties can take part in the Safety Training Option Program (STOP).

“Individuals with citations who want to take the STOP program should contact their county attorney’s office immediately after receiving a ticket,” said Darla Morris, program coordinator. Violators need to register in person at the city or county attorney’s office.

“The length of time that violators have to sign up for the program after they have been issued a citation is 5-10 days,” she said.

The program is an eight-hour course, which costs the violator $83. The course can be divided into two four-hour classes or can be taken in full on a Saturday or Sunday depending on the county.

Also, depending on the county, different citations are eligible to be taken care of by taking the course. Speeding (fewer than 15 mph over the posted limit), following too closely, and improper parking are all eligible citations.

Ineligible citations include parking tickets, multiple violations, and major traffic citations, such as driving under the influence.

Other factors that can render the citizen ineligible for STOP are if he or she has participated in the program in the previous three years and/or if he or she wants to contest the citation.