The Gold Torch Society, a mentoring organization for UNK alumni and undergraduate women, recently selected new student members for 2001. Students were chosen for the program based upon submission of an application and a 500 word essay on the importance of mentoring in their lives. “We are excited about this group of young women and look forward to pairing them with alumni mentors for the annual meeting this fall,” said Stephanie Walker, Gold Torch Society director.

The 25 new student members listed alphabetically by hometown are:

Amherst Shelli Bauer
Beatrice Marcy Young
David City Julia Mowers
Elm Creek Stacy Sentelle
Hildreth Jeanine Jelkin
Holdrege Wendi Sadler
Kearney Aimee Gloystein
Nivarka Gukathasan
Molly Lungrin
Casey Mendez
Abby Rose
Lincoln Cheri Barta
Ogallala Mackenzie Cone
Omaha Rebecca Czaja
Kayla Hamersky
Erin Leahy
Danielle Lively
Holly Wiblishouser
Paxton Lauren Sedlacek
Roseland Melissa Shaw
Stapleton Thresa Woracek
Wakefield Katie Hoffman

Other States
Norton, KS Jodi Ward
Salina, KS Elizabeth Doll
Comfrey, MN Michelle Marks
Sponsored by the UNK Alumni Association, The Gold Torch Society gives alumni the opportunity to return to campus and share a weekend of activities and special events with UNK undergraduates. This year’s meeting will be September 21-23 and will feature sessions on career paths, gender success strategies, interviewing and more.

Student membership is one year and is by application only. Students may subsequently reapply. Alumni are nominated for a three-year membership in the society.

“The society’s alumni members are successful women from a variety of backgrounds including education, politics, medicine, athletics, business and journalism,” said Walker. “The best aspect of the program is that alumni and students have the opportunity to network and establish one-on-one personal relationships. The alumni really care about students and their futures.” UNK alumni members of The Gold Torch Society (alphabetically by town) are: Nebraska
Cairo Denise D. Meyers, 1991
Hastings Betty Kort, 1964
Holdrege Dr. Susanne George Bloomfield, 1968
Kearney Jeanne V. Ross, 1982
Lincoln Jennifer Jennings Davis, 1993
Karen Kilgarin, 1979
Suzanne Oldham, 1971
Sen. DiAnna Rebman Schimek, 1963
Dr. Lisa Trumler Sullivan, 1988
Omaha Elissa T. Bosley, 1998
Celann LaGreca, 1979
Molly Maguire, 1989
Kael Welch Sagheer, 1990
Paxton Janell Godberson Beveridge, 1979

Other States
Anchorage, AL Judge Karen L. Hunt, 1961
Burbank, CA Judith Henggeler Spohr, 1963
Berthoud, CO Shawnna Wach Silvius, 1996
Littleton, CO Jennifer Love Timmons, 1996
South Barrington, ILJoyce Strout, 1970
Indianapolis, IN Joan Scott, 1986
Ames, IA Dr. Dianne Gabrukiewicz Bystrom, 1975
Des Moines, IA Alicia Hough Feldman, 1993
Lawrence, KS Tanis Hall Goedert, 1994
Overland Park, KS Jana L. Fitchett, 1983