Alumni and Student Women Share Mentoring Experience in Gold Torch Society

UNK-Through a new mentoring program, The Gold Torch Society, a group of alumni women are lending their guidance, encouragement and career experience to young women at UNK.

The group’s inaugural meeting is set for September 15-16, 2000. The meeting will feature sessions and round tables covering myriad topics including balancing career and family, workplace gender issues, self-directed search and others. Alumni and students will have the opportunity to network and establish mentoring relationships.

Sponsored by the UNK Alumni Association, The Gold Torch Society will provide alumni the opportunity to return to campus and share a weekend of activities and special events with a select group of UNK undergraduate women.

“The society’s alumni members are strong, successful women from a variety of backgrounds including education, politics, medicine, business and journalism,” said Jim Rundstrom, executive director of the UNK Alumni Association. “The Association is excited about the society’s potential for bringing alumni and students together and creating a unique mentoring, networking setting.” Alumni are nominated for a three-year membership in the society. Student membership is only one year and is by application only.

Twenty alumni were chosen as charter members of the society. Alphabetically by town they are:

Bertrand – Kyle L. Hanson, 1987
Cairo – Denise D. Myers, 1991
Holdrege – Dr. Susanne George Bloomfield, 1968
Kearney – Jeanne V. Ross, 1982; Shawnna Wach Silvius, 1996
Lincoln – Jennifer Jennings Davis, 1993; Karen Kilgarin, 1979; Carrie Mason, 1996; Sen. DiAnna Rebman Schimek, 1963; Dr. Lisa Trumler Sullivan, 1988
Omaha – Elissa T. Bosley, 1998; Celann LaGreca, 1979; Molly Maguire, 1989
Paxton – Janell Godberson Beveridge, 1979
Anchorage, Alaska – Judge Karen L. Hunt, 1961
Littleton, Colo. – Jennifer Love Timmons, 1996
South Barrington, Illinois – Joyce Strout, 1970
Ames, Iowa – Dr. Dianne Gabrukiewicz Bystrom, 1975
Lawrence, Kan. – Tanis Hall Goedert, 1994
Overland Park, Kan. – Jana L. Fitchett, 1983

Nineteen UNK undergraduate women were selected as charter student members of the society. Alphabetically by hometown they are:

Aurora – Sarah Hurst
Bassett – Shana Thomas
Boelus – Anya Trumler
David City – Julia Mowers
Daykin – Angela Heidemann
Filley – Marcy Young
Gothenburg – Jami Mitchell
Grand Island – Erin Brewer
Hickman – Crystal Hogan
Kearney – Sarah Dillman, Amber Gloystein
Lincoln – Kara Meinke
North Platte – Jennifer Forster Wynne
Omaha – Bridget Abboud, Emily Balcetis, Holly Wiblishouser
Toronto, Canada – Nishiya Gukathasan Sivaruban
Leoti, Kan. – Danica Steinle
Minot, ND – Heather Hubrig