UNK-Thirteen University of Nebraska at Kearney students have received O. K. Bouwsma Scholarships. Bouwsma taught at the University of Nebraska from 1928 to 1965 and was a leading scholar and student of Ludwig Wittgenstein, Kierkegaard and Dostoyevsky. *To qualify for a Bouwsma Scholarship, students must submit a philosophy paper or be recommended by a philosophy professor.

Scholarship winners are listed by their hometowns.

Beaver Crossing – John Houston, $1,500

Elm Creek – Stacy Rutter, $250 (one course scholarship)

Grand Island – Keri Ann Pearson, $1,000

Kearney – Pat Driver, $250 (one course scholarship) Jack Kreman – $250 (one course scholarship) Zach Moore, $250 (one course scholarship) Dustin Stover, $1,000

Milford – Katie Fougerson, $1,550

Omaha – Joshua Schulz, $2,000 Sean Conway, $250 (one course scholarship)

Oxford – Naida Sikes, $250 (one course scholarship)

St. Paul – Levi Jacobs, $1,000

Sutherland – Jessica Citta, $250 (one course scholarship)