UNK-Seven artists will be racing against time to complete works of art at the “quick draw” session of the “Spirit of the Great Plains 2000” art sale and exhibition.

“The artists are working with a clean slate and against the clock,” said Gail Lowenberg, Museum of Nebraska Art director of development.

The artists will set up their palettes, paints, tables and clay and create an image or sculpture in 45 minutes. They are not restricted to any medium and can create anything from a watercolor to a monoprint. Ticket-holders to the can watch the artists work and that creates a “very festive feel,” Lowenberg said.

“It takes a very special kind of artist to participate in a quick draw,” Lowenberg said. “Certainly the pieces won’t have the same finish as something that took six months to create, but this gives people to the opportunity to purchase quality art at a more reasonable price.”

The pieces created during the quick draw session will be auctioned off at the silent auction.

At “Spirit of the Great Plains 2000,” Buck Taylor, known for his portrayal of Newly OÕBrien in “Gunsmoke,” will participate in the quick draw session. Nikolo Balkanski, who was educated in the fine arts in Bulgaria and Finland, will “quick draw” Buck Taylor as he paints in watercolor. Other artists can work from a sketch, live model or photograph.

On April 8, MONA will host the “Spirit of the Great Plains.” Forty-five nationally known artists from all over the country have been invited to display five pieces of work that will be auctioned off throughout the event.

Along with the quick draw session and silent auction, a live auction will give ticket-holders an opportunity to purchase the exhibited art.

For more information on the “Spirit of the Great Plains 2000,” contact the museum at (308) 865-8559.