UNK grad student presenting ‘Against the Current,’ stories of the Omaha Tribe’s resistance

The lecture is scheduled for noon Dec. 13 at Kearney Public Library.

Fact or fiction? You decide during ‘UFOs Over the Platte River’ presentation

Nathan Tye will expose this strange and otherworldly tale from Cold War Kearney.

‘Grooming Socialists’: Upcoming presentation focuses on East German propaganda

Torsten Homberger will speak on Wednesday, Sept. 13, at Kearney Public Library.

‘An Interview, a Brothel and a Baseball Great’: UNK professor sharing three tales from early Kearney

Nathan Tye's presentation is scheduled for noon July 12 at Kearney Public Library.

Learn about Nebraska’s rural school past at upcoming event

Rural education posed singular challenges but studying it also opens a unique window into life in…

UNK professor Nathan Tye discussing Willa Cather’s connections to Kearney at May 10 event

His talk will illuminate the lives of Cather’s friends and family in Kearney as well as…